• ''Advanced Topics in Mechanical Engineering: Backstepping Control Theory and Its Applications '', ME 6330 Section 4, Instructor, Texas Tech University, USA, Fall semester 2020

          ME 6330 Section 4 is a newly proposed graduate course. This course provides an introduction to the backstepping control theory,                       including applications to dynamic systems modeled by ordinary differential equations (ODEs) and partial differential equations (PDEs).


  • ''Control of Dynamic Systems'', ME 4334, Instructor, Texas Tech University, USA, Fall semester 2019, Spring semester 2020

          ME 4334 is a fourth-year undergraduate course. This course provides an introduction to analysis and design of linear feedback control                 systems, including applications to electromechanical systems.  

  •  ''Calculus 1 for the Sciences'', MATH 127, Lecturer, University of Waterloo, Canada, Fall quarter 2017

        Math 127 is a first-year undergraduate course covering elementary topics in mathematics. Topics include: function, limit, derivative, and

          integral. It is a prerequisite to other advanced undergraduate courses in the UW Math department.   

  •  ''Control of Distributed Parameters Systems'', MAE 287, Graduate Teaching Assistant, University of California, San Diego, Fall quarter 2014

  •  ''Nonlinear Systems'', MAE 281A, Graduate Teaching Assistant, University of California, San Diego, Winter quarter 2014, Winter quarter 2015


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